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Who looks outside, dreams,
who looks inside, awakes. 
- Carl Jung

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Christies is a Certified Results Coach, Mentor, Author and Soul Realignment Practitioner. She is also trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, Matrix Therapies, Archetypal Coaching, Passion and Purpose Coaching, and Masculine and Feminine Coaching to facilitate impactful results for her clients.

Elizabeth works with high achieving professionals and business owners to help them create a life of freedom, fulfilment and alignment in both their professional and personal lives.


Having reached her own turning point in life,  Elizabeth's mission, passion and purpose in all her tailored coaching programs is to empower clients to take a journey within so they can awaken to their true nature and purpose,  release all resistance that is holding them back,  and help clients regain energy, vitality and clarity so they can create a life they love.

In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys time in nature, walking her dogs, raising her family and planning her next adventure.

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If you are not getting the results you desire in your life, or are in need of a reset,  here is how you can work with me and what you can expect.



Breakthrough Results Package 

⇒3 coaching sessions to unlock one area of your life and get clarity, alignment and a strategy in place to take fast action.



Initiation and Momentum Package

⇒4 month package to gain clarity, release resistance in an area where you have been struggling for months or years to gain traction so you can start making changes with increased awareness, perspective and understanding of what has really been holding you back.

It may not be what you think it is.



Deep Dive Package 

⇒ A tailored 6 - 12 month package to connect your soul, mind, heart, energy and physical body to your desired result so you start integrating and embodying the changes as your upgraded self, creating habits that are aligned with who you are becoming while replacing all stress, tension  and resistance with a deep sense of peace and relief, allowing presence, connection, and fulfilment.

This package is like no other personal or professional development program you may have experienced as it takes you to a place of surrendering the need to know, and allows you to tap into your full power as a creator.

I teach advanced communication skills which will quickly transform how you interact in your professional and personal life,

You will also learn how to balance masculine and feminine energies so you can avoid depletion and burnout, and instead enjoy time nourishing and replenishing yourself by simply "being" in the present moment.

From this place of stillness, you will then learn how to tap into your creativity and intuition which takes you out of your logical mind and connects you with your unlimited potential where truly aligned results are created.


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Benefits of going on the coaching journey... 

  • Unlock a new relationship with yourself as all change starts with self awareness
  • Understand how your ego plays tricks on you and keeps you from accessing your true self
  • Learn tools to shift your internal state at will so you can ditch procrastination, perfectionism, distraction,  and overwhelm once and for all
  • Gain crystal clear clarity on what you truly desire and take action from that place rather than being caught up in people pleasing, self sacrificing, shiny object syndrome and other unaligned patterns of behaviour
  • Learn how to become comfortable with uncomfortable thoughts ,emotions and beliefs that have been subconsciously running the narrative of your life and keeping you stuck, and experience a deep sense of relief when they no longer have a hold on you 
  • Discover ways to eliminate the drama and triggers in your life by raising your awareness and consciousness so you can be more resourceful rather than reactive with your communications in the work place and in your personal life. This tool alone will seriously upgrade your relationships and career
  • Learn to manage your energy efficiently by releasing what is no longer serving you so you can enter a state of flow honouring your uniqueness and preferences to improve your general health and wellbeing
  • Gain greater confidence in your gifts and talents and harness your strengths to live your best life
  • Regain trust as you keep promises to yourself by taking aligned, consistent, and  committed action towards your desired results
  • Feel a deep sense of peace, acceptance  and fulfilment with your life as it is in the present moment, rather than waiting for a time in the future to be happy
  • Learn simple ways to upgrade your health, relationships,  performance and productivity
  • Enjoy the  safety, privacy and trust of working with me one to one as I customise my strategic change work framework to your specific needs and desires meeting you where you are at
  • Know that my deepest desire and intention is to facilitate your transformation so that you can achieve ultimate freedom, fulfilment and alignment in your life and the ripple this creates for all those around you as you step into your greatness.

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Interested in receiving my "Energetic Audit" ebook ?

 ⇒"The Energetic Audit" is a step by step journey which helps you quickly identify what is draining your energy and how to turn it around fast so you can avoid depletion, exhaustion and prevent burnout.  It will also help you focus on how to improve your health, create nourishing, respectful relationships and accelerate your financial abundance.  

By the time you finish the Energetic Audit, you will have an action plan to make the biggest transformation of all, your relationship with yourself. 

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